Luisa Galgani

Luisa Galgani

Siena, Italy

University of Siena, Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Environmental Spectroscopy Group

Postdoctoral fellow


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Published on May 02, 2017

we didn't make it :(

Dear all backers, team, and our endorsers, thanks for your support and for trusting and endorsing our project. Unfortunately, we did not manage to reach our funding goal. However, wi...

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Published on Apr 21, 2017

microplastics in the Arctic Ocean

A new paper by our colleague Dr. Cozar from Cadiz University (Spain) shows how micro plastics end up in the Arctic Ocean..and possibly on the seafloor. So scary. "The Arctic Ocean as a dead end for...

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Published on Apr 18, 2017

The microfibers that we'll use

Here a nice picture of our "home-made" micro plastic fibers that we'll use in the experiment. We have been cutting them with a cryo-microtome with the help of. prof. Bellani, from the University of...

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Published on Apr 18, 2017

We are almost 50%!

Dear all our backers, we are almost there! We almost reached 50% of our funding goal and not much is still missing! Either all or nothing, so we really your help by sharing this project to your net...

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Published on Apr 05, 2017

The sea-surface is fascinating

Wow! I am very very happy to see that support and attention our project raised lately. I am really glad. Our hypothesis is that something special is happening at the sea-surface - the hair of the w...

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Published on Mar 22, 2017

50$ more and...

...We will have reached the amount needed for flow cytometry reagents and micro plastics (fibers) home-made consumables (Polyester standard filaments, freezing-agent, ethanol). 

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Published on Mar 17, 2017

Microplastic Fibers consumables: almost there!

We have almost collected what we would need to buy polyester fiber to make the particles that will be added to the mesocosms. Please keep sharing our project and help us reach the goal!

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Published on Mar 11, 2017

Goal #1 achieved! Flow Cytometry

Dear all our backers, thanks! we have reached the amount to buy SYBR GREEN I fluorescent reagent for bacteria counts by flow cytometry. That's great news, as this is one of the most expensive reage...

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thank you so much and for your endorsement too! Hope you are doing fine and thanks for the support!
Thank you Brian! We firmly believe we'll have a successful experiment and maybe a step forward addressing another side-effect of plastic pollution!
Crepi il lupo! Grazie mille per il supporto!
Thank you Rossella and another anonymous donor for backing out project! Please spread around and help us reach the goal!
Thank you so much for your support Mariana! Looking forward to see you soon!