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Jeffery Trotta
Jeffery Trotta

I love diving with sharks and observing them in the wild. However, helping young elasmobranch scientists get started in their careers is not only exciting, it is also inspirational, entertaining and enlightening.

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The enigmatic weasel shark, will it disappear before we know it?

The little-known Atlantic weasel shark only occurs in West Africa, an area which is most acutely threatened...

Looking for Lost Sharks: An Exploration of Discovery through the Western Indian Ocean

This project is to fund the naming of a new species, the ghost shark! We need $1800 to do this to cover...

Eating tough stuff with floppy jaws - how do freshwater rays eat crabs, insects, and mollusks?

I'm interested in how stingrays, with jaws made of cartilage, consume tough or stiff prey like insects...

Why do tiger sharks swim up and down the water column? – An up-close view of their vertical movements

Tiger sharks are among the strangest behaving sharks in our oceans. They eat everything from turtles to...

Tooth plates in chimaeras and their relationship to teeth in sharks

The chimaeras (ghost sharks and spookfish) are a group of often deep sea fishes related to the sharks and...

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May 27, 2016
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Jun 08, 2016

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