Designing a chamber for carbon nanotube synthesis experiments

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Dr. Laubscher and the machinist tasked with fabricating the chamber have worked together for years, and have collaboratively developed many devices. This winning strategy has been followed with the initial design of the chamber and will be continued through the preliminary design, fabrication, integration, and testing. The fabrication utilizes state-of-the-art shop equipment and practices. The integration and testing utilize research-level experimental techniques and equipment. Dr. Laubscher has over 35 years experience in scientific research.


The design must accommodate interior welding of the vacuum chamber, and high thermal coupling between the experiment stage and the thermal control system. The experiment stage must be designed to accommodate optimized configurations that will be developed over the next year of experimentation. Because of the goal of a small vacuum volume, tolerances in the design are higher than normally required.

Pre Analysis Plan

Direct measurements will yield the vacuum level of the chamber as well as the temperature fluctuations at the experiment stage. These two diagnostic measurements will provide the performance of the chamber.


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