Engage Kayamandi Youth in Cape Citizen Science with Vision Afrika

University of Pretoria
South Africa
DOI: 10.18258/8690
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Funded on 2/05/17
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    on 2/05/17



The sampling excursion will involve a presentation, a hike to collect samples of sick plants, and a hands-on activity where the learners attempt to isolate the microorganism causing the sickness (targeting Phytophthora). Each learner will be asked to write their name on the petri-plate that they place the sick plant tissues into so we can keep track of individual contributions.

The presentation will provide an overview of the scientific process and introduce the importance of biodiversity, the uniqueness of the Cape Floristic Region, the concept of disease, and the threats posed by invasive species.

The activity will end with a meal, possibly including one or two more presentations from other post-graduate students, nature reserve staff, or local scientists. Learners will be allowed to take a few petri-plates back to Vision Afrika to watch what grows and we will revisit them to present the awards after identifying the species found.


This project has not yet shared any protocols.