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Warm spring, cold spring, high spring, low spring: where is all the water from?

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Overall, we are conducting a regional study of water flow and chemistry. For this project we are asking for some dataloggers that will be used to collect continuous data (every 15 min). We plan to purchase Onset dataloggers to measure water level ( ) and specific conductivity (  We've used Onset instruments in the past and find them to be easy to use and highly reliable.


Beavers.  They mess with our water data.  Partially kidding.

The biggest issue is loss of loggers due to storm events. The local watershed group is willing to remove the loggers from the springs if necessary. 

Pre Analysis Plan

The water level data will be converted into discharge data and used to calculate the total volume of water leaving the valley and determine its variability due to seasons and storm events. Conductivity data from the springs will be analyzed for variability over the same time scales. Ultimately, the variability data will be combined with use data to assess the overall vulnerability of the spring and potential impacts to spring water users via a risk-impact matrix. 


This project has not yet shared any protocols.