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I'm curious of course whether the parasite might affect humans who eat the scallops... or whether the parasite might have an ultimate destination, perhaps something that is eating the scallops? Anyway, good luck and I'm looking forward to reading about your findings!
Jul 30, 2014
Is a newly discovered parasite negatively impacting bay scallops in North Carolina?
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Please take extra care to spell Chinese provinces and names correctly when you publish. Nothing is more irritating than misspellings to those of us who know China. Please also talk about how you'll ensure you do not carry WNS infection with you when you go to China...I am curious how you'll disinfect your clothing / equipment. Also curious how you'll carry samples out of China (if at all). Good luck!
Jul 28, 2014
A Search for the Origins of White-Nose Syndrome
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Good luck! Send lots of interesting updates and photos please!
Jul 26, 2014
Spiders of Yasuni: How do their Physical Traits Determine their Lifestyle?
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