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Thanks for the very interesting backdrop view of what is surrounding the project with the otters and also the information on the groups that could be affected over time in the area. Sometimes it can be a challenge to do the best for a species while trying to educate the public on the reasons of importance. Happy Holidays
Dec 19, 2017
Alpine Invaders in the Greater Yellowstone
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Hi David, I hope your project gets funded. I worked in a lab for 2 years at the OARDC -Entomology Dept. and helped my friend Priya Rajarapu work on her project that involved traveling Ohio to collect EAB larva from trees for research within the lab. Having seen so many trees that were affected I realize the magnitude of the problem and wholly support your efforts in helping us come to a workable solution. Angie Nanes
Oct 13, 2014
Can we save ash trees from the invasive emerald ash borer?
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