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Published on Nov 19, 2019

Please vote for my video!

Please vote for my video! Good morning all,I am currently competing in the Fund it Forward Video challenge and your vote could help me out! My video is about fisheries management/shark science and ...

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Published on Jul 06, 2017

Shark migrations and much more!

Since our last lab note, there have been many exciting developments for this project. Firstly, we have received more data from the migrations of our 16 tagged-sharks and there appears to be interse...

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Published on Oct 27, 2016

Our tagged-sharks were successfully tracked throughout their annual migration. Wanna know where they went?

Hey everyone, Last year we utilized the funds from this project to tag bonnethead sharks in the Edisto River, SC. When a tagged-shark swims within a certain distance (200-400m) of an acoustic recei...

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Published on Feb 11, 2016

Our sharks took a vacation to Hilton Head, SC! Well, kind of…

Hey everybody, I just received some exciting news from BryanFrazier at the SC DNR. In Port Royal Sound, the SC DNR has an extensive arrayof acoustic receivers that document the presence of many tag...

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Published on Nov 09, 2015

A Video of Our Shark-Tagging!

Hey everyone!As promised, I put together a short film detailing our recent shark-tagging expedition. This research was made possible through your donations and moral support. Let me know if you hav...

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Published on Nov 03, 2015

Check out some pictures from our shark-tagging expedition!

Hey everybody,In the images below, you will be able to take a peak into a day of shark-tagging. These photos are from the day we used the funds you donated! You might be thinking 'Bryan, this isn't...

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Published on Sep 16, 2015

​Thanks for the donations! We just put them to use and tagged some sharks!

Hey everyone,Last Tuesday, in accordance with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, we headed out to Edisto, South Carolina. Our goal was to deploy the acoustic tags that your donatio...

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Published on Jul 31, 2015

We took a news crew shark fishing and got our project on TV!!

Hey everyone, Today was a super exciting day. We took a news crew out shark fishing from Charleston, SC. In the process of catching two ~4.5ft sand bar sharks, I got to briefly discuss this project...

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Published on Jul 27, 2015

Straight shark....Keep that shark STRAIGHT!

There are many different ways to measure a shark, but 2 lengths are typically used. They are: Fork Length and Total Length -- you can see these demonstrated in picture below. So wh...

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Reply to:Warren WellsWarren Wells
Thanks Mimi! They really are cool animals. It is possible that the hurricane made these sharks travel offshore and away from inland waters. We will be able to look at this question more closely as we acquire additional data. See you guys soon!
That is certainly our goal, and as we increase our sample size it will become more feasible to answer. However, it is quite cool that the vast majority of mature bonnetheads are pregnant when they are in the Edisto!
learning about sharks is always fun!!
That's what we think too. The protection afforded to the individuals would be higher in the intercoastal v. offshore as well. As you know mortality rates are high for these guys.
It is actually a pretty small estuary about 5^2 miles. The reason this is the perfect study site is because the same sharks come back every year (so we know some mechanism maintains that philopatric behavior) and we can tag almost the whole population. The receivers get distributed based upon the...more