Danielle D'Amato

Danielle D'Amato

Jacksonvlle FL

US Army Corps of Engineers



Published on Jul 14, 2015

Thank you!

Thank you from he bottom on my heart everyone who donated, shared, and like my project of social media and through the Jacksonville University website! I am beyond excited to have gone above my goa...

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Published on Jul 27, 2015

Crab pots part two

When I wrote my lab note about the crap pots I have in the marsh I told you all about the interesting organisms I find inside my crab pots. What I didn't tell you about is all the cool ones I see w...

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Published on Jul 20, 2015

My Wonderful Volunteers!

I am so lucky to have THE BEST volunteers! Every other weekend I have a group of volunteers help me seine in the marsh. Every group I have has have been nothing short of wonderful, ...

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Published on Jun 26, 2015

A Nest!!!

On May 28th a terrapin was observed nesting on the beach south of the jetties, not next to the marsh. Until this time the only nests that I found had been destroyed by raccoons. Unfortunately On Ma...

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Published on Jun 21, 2015

Crab Pots

I currently have 14 modified crap pots throughout the marsh on the island. I bait the crab pots every other day and visit the crap pots every day to see if I have any terrapins caught in them. I de...

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Published on Jun 15, 2015

Beautiful Cumberland Island

I am so lucky to be a researcher on Cumberland Island! I spend my days on Cumberland searching for terrapins and any nests I can find. When I am searching for turtles, I often get t...

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Published on Jun 12, 2015

Big Bertha

I typically survey my "nesting beach" 2-3 hours at high tide waiting for females to come onto shore and nest. The nesting beach is the area I found last year with over 180 terrapin ...

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