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I feel like I just got my money’s worth.
Wow! This is fantastic!
Fifteen minutes of fame for Boone! That deserves a carrot.
I'd love to see the poster but couldn't see the attachment. Also curious if the foobler can be shared with other animals, such as the other zoo rhinos or your elephants? If so does it have to be heavily sanitized between users? Great project. Great inclusion of your donors. Must make it to eh ...more
fascinating study. I hope Boone is appreciating his On Weeks. Please share your presentation after the conference.
This is terrific! I am thrilled that Boone is showing curiosity. Kick those brain cells!
Fascinating report! Are these kill sites a one-time use sort of arrangment, or is there evidence of past kills there? Is it useful to know the sex of the beaves that are killed, in terms of understanding the dynamics of those left behind in the lodge? Or is that way beyond the scope of your study...more
Hysterical. I am imaging what he'll be dreaming about tonight.
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