Mona Seymour

Mona Seymour

Loyola Marymount University

Associate Professor of Urban and Environmental Studies


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Published on Jun 08, 2021

First project publication

Alisha and I are excited to announce the online publication of our first academic journal article based on the Growing Veganic research project! “Veganic farming in the United States: farmer percep...

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Published on Jun 04, 2020

Mid-2020 “Growing Veganic” Project Update

Mid-2020 “Growing Veganic” Project UpdateHello to our project backers and supporters. We hope that this finds you all healthy, safe, and well during this distressing time.Alisha and I are tacking b...

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Published on Jan 15, 2019

Project update: Growing Veganic in 2019

Happy 2019 to our project backers and supporters! Alisha and I have been mulling over the vast amount of data that we collected in 2018. We collected such a diversity of data from our fieldwork, a...

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Published on Aug 10, 2018

Findings on expanding veganic agriculture, and questions about veganic futures

It has been a busy summer for Alisha and I, as we wrapped up our interviews (19 participant farms as of July!) and moved into the coding stage of our project. In qualitative research, coding involv...

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Published on Apr 11, 2018

GROW BIOINTENSIVE: veganics for sustainability

Last week I had the pleasure of giving a co-talk on the US veganic movement with Matt Drewno, who runs the nonprofit Victory Gardens for Peace at the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, CA and works with Jo...

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Published on Feb 06, 2018

Recruitment in progress

Our fieldwork schedule has begun to shape up for the coming months as we hear back from potential participants to whom we are reaching out! Over here on the West Coast, it looks like I'll spend a w...

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Published on Jan 05, 2018

Fully funded!

...and then some! We are deeply grateful to all of our 44 backers from all over the world for their support for our research plans. The opportunity to expand the body of knowledge about US vegani...

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Published on Dec 12, 2017

People's Harvest Forum

I'm just back from the People's Harvest Forum, an annual event in San Francisco that focuses on topics including food sovereignty, animal liberation, and veganic agriculture. There were some great...

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Published on Nov 28, 2017

Is humanure vegan?

I was recently looking through some field notes and documents from this summer and noticed how often the topic of humanure came up.  Some approaches to veganic farming explicitly prohibit it.  Othe...

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Hi Rosie, sure, you should be able to contact us through the messages app on this site. Best, MS
Reply to:Mark EpsteinMark Epstein
Hi Mark, thanks for your comment and support! I really admire Seed the Commons, and they have been central to veganics organizing/advocacy out here in California in the past several years. I learned of the Real Organic Project only last month - something came to my inbox regarding their work o...more
Reply to:Mark EpsteinMark Epstein
Your comment makes me wonder what the best marketing strategies for humanure-based products would be, in terms of narrative and in terms of target demographics. Aside from that, thanks for sharing your conceptualization of veganic - as I commented to Joe, I'm really interested in how different gr...more
Reply to:Joe FisherJoe Fisher
Thanks for your thoughts Joe! I see your point on the "slippery slope" there. I am looking forward to hearing how the self-identified veganic farmers in our sample think about this matter.