Richard D Feinman

Richard D Feinman

Professor of Cell Biology

SUNY Downstate Medical Center/Nutrition and Metabolism Society

Richard Feinman (not the deceased physicist but a biochemist who is very much alive) has worked in diverse field.

Dr. Feinman has worked in a number of areas of biochemistry. The studies of the effect of ketone bodies on cancer cells in culture represents a confluence of his interests in energy metabolism, stimulus-response coupling in cells and the effects of diet, particularly those based on carbohydrate restriction and generation of the ketogenic state. Dr. Feinman is principal author of the 26-author comprehensive review “Dietary carbohydrate restriction as the first approach in diabetes management: Critical review and evidence base” (Nutrition 2015, 31(1):1-13).

His recent book “The World Turned Upside Down. The Second Low Carbohydrate Revolution” summarizes his world view on the interactions of nutrition and disease and he has pointed out that "If it turns out that we learn to treat diabetes by learning to treat cancer, it would not be the strangest thing that ever happened in science."

Dr. Feinman’s work is stimulated by, and continues to influence, his teaching in the Medical School where he has been a pioneer in incorporating nutrition into the biochemistry curriculum. Dr. Feinman is the founder and former co-Editor-In-Chief (2004-2009) of the journal, Nutrition&Metabolism. Dr. Feinman received his BA from the University of Rochester and he holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Oregon.

April 2015