Ted Cheeseman

Ted Cheeseman

Santa Cruz, California, USA

Happywhale, Santa Cruz, California and Marine Ecology Research Centre, Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia

Director - Happywhale / PhD Candidate - Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia


Published on Jun 25, 2023

Most Humpback Whales in the North Pacific identified

Our project has taken some interesting twists and turns and just this week achieved a major milestone: we've published a paper in the Nature journal Scientific Reports: A collaborative and near‑com...

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Published on Sep 10, 2022

...this long silence doesn't mean nothin's cooking!

We've been quiet over here in the mad science labs of Happywhale but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy and productive. In the North Pacific Ocean we've now documented over 30,100 individual hu...

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Published on Nov 30, 2021

Relationship Tracking Blueprint

Currently Happywhale contains at least one sighting of over 64,000 individual humpback whales, and for some individuals, hundreds of sightings over their lifetimes. Our goal for this study is to us...

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Published on Oct 13, 2021

All in the family: a mother humpback whale with her calf of the year and her three year old

All in the family! Last weekend, the well known California humpback whale Chompers was seen with her calf by frequent contributor Mark O'Brien. Surprise... Chomper's 3 year old calf was right there...

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Published on Oct 09, 2021

Funding goal reached! We love you 😍🐋. And now we continue...

Our campaign has just reached our first funding milestone, so we will receive the full matching contribution. THANK YOU everyone who has contributed 🥰.And now dreams get to turn into reality :-). O...

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Published on Oct 08, 2021

Whale family trees and social relationships! The remarkable case of humpback whale "Heather" CRC-13712

Whale family trees and social relationships! The remarkable case of humpback whale "Heather" CRC-13712 Here you see the family tree of the famous pioneering whale Heather, one of the early explorer...

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Reply to:Heather ReserHeather Reser
Heather, your whaley sister is truly a special whale :-)