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Can we hear how mycelia communicate?

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With the help of electronics, I plan to record the spikes of electric potential transmitted throughout the mycelium network.  My main interest is focused on the interaction between different mycelial networks. I want to record the interaction between 2 mycelial bodies, both same species and different species to analyze the data for differences in activity. 

Image from Language of fungi derived from their electrical spiking activity by Andrew Adamatzky

After I have this data, I will then convert it to MIDI format with the help of data sonification software so that we can interpret the data as an audile file. From there, I will take this file and run it through modular synthesizers to hear the data or as Andrew Adamatzky puts it the "language" of the mycelium. 

In addition, I will hook up secondary sensors to the mycelium to receive biodata in realtime. With the help of modular synthesizers and Arduinos, we will be able to listen to the realtime conductivity of the mycelium throughout the experiment.  

I plan to record daily the sounds and sights and upload them to the projects Instagram or website.


This project could pose to be challenging in a few different ways. If I find the work setting up the Ardunios to be too challenging, I plan to overcome this by purchasing the electronics necessary to preform the assigned tasks. 

Another possible challenge would be contamination of my terrariums with mold. In this case, my plan of action would be first to remove the contaminated areas. If this does not suffice, I would then have to sterilize the tanks and start over.

Converting the files from text to MIDI could pose as another challenge. I plan to overcome this by thoroughly researching into the potential data sonification software and spending the time necessary to use this software to deliver my expected results.

Pre Analysis Plan

With the data I collect during the interaction of the mycelium, I plan to compare and contrast same species and different species interaction. Using graph analysis, I can visualize the differences. Using data sonification software and synthesizers,  I will be able to hear the differences.

I will continuously post my findings throughout the experiment.


This project has not yet shared any protocols.