Independent Researcher


Published on Dec 08, 2023

So it begins

With fund secured, we are very happy to start the work on this research project. And we want to say thank you for everyone who has made it possible, especially ESP's Science Leads: Maddie Cusimano ...

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Published on Dec 06, 2023

End of year Update | Dogs, Plants, Deliverables

2023 is at its final month! And what a fertile year it has been!It's been roughtly 3 months since I last wrote a labnote, which turned out to be one of the most sucessful ones I've writeen (viz wis...

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Published on Aug 28, 2023

Golden insights from a Pothos

Since the beginning of this experiment I have dreamed of the possibilities of enhancing human perception via biosignals from other living beings. And while that vision stays as solid as before, I h...

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Published on Aug 09, 2023

SymBioSense Plant Biologger

The "Growing symbiotic new senses for humans" experiment continues to progress and in this labnote I'm happy to introduce the main sensing piece of this project, the SymBioSense plant biologger."De...

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Published on Jul 06, 2023

July Full Moon Update 🌕

According to the "moon updated timeline" of the project, by the July Full Moon I was expecting to "Have a functional SymBioWare end-user friendly version." This is not the case 😅So many things hav...

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Published on May 13, 2023

Zuzalu, Onwards

Wow. Zuzalu happened and now I’m back home. Still digesting everything that happened there, while rejoining the same daily activities as before. But will it ever be the same? It’s incredible to con...

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Published on Apr 21, 2023

Hello from Instambul

If anyone had asked me, a month ago, where I’d be sitting today I most certainly would have guessed wrong. That is because I’m currently writing this update from the International Istambul Airport,...

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Published on Mar 31, 2023

Sensors, sensors. The first feelings

The first quarter moon 🌓 is growing in the sky and so it's time to share what I have been up to. This moon phase markes a milestone in the updated timeline of the project and I'm happy to say that ...

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