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Developing a test for bobtail lizard flu

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Ended on 10/31/16
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    on 10/31/16



Our first goal for this project is to get a Monoclonal Antibody Production commercially sourced from Genscript. If we then would make an ELIZA test to allow us to test previous exposure of the disease in lizards. 


Our challenges within this project will be firstly creating a good ELIZA test and secondly, obtaining samples of the lizard across large geographic areas to allow testing for previous exposure to the disease. We will need to recruit a good student to develop the test under the guidance of our team members with expertise in making ELIZA tests. Potentially we could employ a researcher to make the test but that will might take 6 months of salary. Obtaining good sampling will take time and would be best done in the lizard activity season after the test has been developed. Further funds will need to be found for these aspects. 

Pre Analysis Plan

The initial project as outlined won't involve any analysis but will contribute crucially for the development of the ELIZA assay. 


This project has not yet shared any protocols.