Jaehoon Jeong

Jaehoon Jeong

32-gil, Hwarang-ro, Daegu, 1st floor

Dept. of Biology, Yeungnam University.

3rd year Undergraduate from Yeungnam University.


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Published on Nov 13, 2022

600% Funded!

Thanks to all your donation, especially by Mr.galal, my project is finally available to be succeeded! This will help my project go on. Thank you!

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Published on Oct 01, 2022

Our Pledge of Project

Hello! My name is Jaehoon Jeong. I'm about to introduce our team project. Our team project is based on one hypothesis : "What if the plant's 3 traits: deciduousness, presence of symbiotic bacteria ...

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Published on Sep 27, 2022


Finally my project has been approved! I did not know how to convey this good news to you, so I wrote a lab note. In fact, I struggled a bit before getting approved. There were many twists and tu...

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Bloody hell, but NO ONE BACKS THIS ONE! I give up now
How did you get funded more than $400???? Was it even possible? I mean, I’ve launched my project, but almost no one views my project, and no one join discussion, and no one funds my project, and no one is interested in my lab note. I want to know how did you get successfully funded and how did yo...more
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