James Peter Mahoney

James Peter Mahoney

Charlottesville Open Bio Labs, Our Cosmos, Piedmont Community College

Director (C'ville Open Bio Labs), CTO (Our Cosmos) , Researcher


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Yes we do intend to publish results once our additional tests are complete and we have more data to present a stronger paper with. We don't want to publish before we have completely proved our claims with absolute certainty which is the reason for the additional tests we are currently running.
Absolutely, we can try to post a link of some sort in a lab note after we've published
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Thats awesome Will thanks for that idea, we'll talk about it and let you know. I have not combed through the data yet but my guess is that its because of time of day partly- life processses are more or less active depending on day night cycles.
Newly updated lab note with video and such added, thanks Kurt!