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Is there any update on this work?
will there be anything published on this?
This seems good any chance of view of the paper when it is published.
Yes you can get funding for replica of the Ark in Kentucky and tax brakes but science can't get funding.
Geothermal is used a lot in Iceland is there any research on environmental pollution at these sites? Spiders might not be the best creatures to use in Iceland as they might benefit more from the heat than they would be affected by the pollution.
I will write up a description and send it on to you later today. I can e-mail you my thesis and better resources over the weekend.
I will make a donation to this later today. I did my masters in the area of Ant Colony Algorithms (ACO) this is classified as Evolutionary Algorithms. This approach is used as a method for finding the shortest path (subject to constraints) through a graph. I do not know a lot about Neural Net...more