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Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!
Mar 16, 2014
Researching 2,000 pound turtles along the Florida coast
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Excited to see the results of this!
Mar 09, 2014
Understanding color and chemical diversity in nudibranchs
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Sounds like a great project. I'm looking forward to the results. The presence of Andy Lamb's Marine Life of the PNW on the lab desk and your commitment to getting undergrads Voodoo doughnuts totally swayed me. Go science!
Feb 07, 2014
A Pacific Northwest Clamtastrophe!
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Maybe I've missed this somewhere, but I'm really curious how you're going to recruit your study participants. Do they have to identify themselves as having homo/bi/transphobic thoughts or actions?
Oct 24, 2013
Are prejudiced reactions to same-sex couples characterized by specific physiological patterns?
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