Uschi Symmons

Uschi Symmons

Philadelphia, USA


Published on Feb 23, 2019

A manuscript with our LILBUBome results is online!

Dear All,Today was a big day for us at the LilBUBome headquarters: after months of work, hundreds of emails back and forth and quite a few Skype meetings we made a preprint of our findings from Lil...

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Published on May 20, 2015

Our stretch goal: Maine Coons. The sky’s the limit for awesome cat genetics!

As we posted yesterday, we have reached the full amount needed to sequence BUBs genome. Thanks again to everyone who made this happen! But the fundraiser is still not over! We have 5 more days to p...

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Published on May 19, 2015

We made it! You are all amazing!!!

With a wonderful donation we just went over the line and made our target of 6,500$!!!!! You are guys are totally amazing, for having made this reality!! We just can't stop grinning - like a Cheshir...

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Published on May 16, 2015

Same, same, but different? Meet Rosie, another cat with osteopetrosis.

One of the great things about the LilBUBome is that it's an open science project, so we get to interact a lot with people who are interested in our science. One of these people is Ann, whom we got ...

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Published on May 08, 2015

23 days later, this is where we’re at…

Hi All,17 days of crowdfunding to go and last week was totally insane: we found a mutation in LilBUB's genome, which we think causes her polydactyly (!). Also, traffic and support for the project j...

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Published on Apr 23, 2015

Why sequence Lil Bub?

Many people have asked us why we want to sequence Lil Bub? Because we can? Well, curiosity is part of it, but there's much more! First and foremost, we think it can help pets and humans with trait...

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Yes he is! After all, it was Mike and Art who did all the hard work of figuring out that BUB has osteopetrosis - and without that as a starting point we might never have launched the LilBUBome. So obviously we wanted to give credit where credit was due! :)
Hey, looks like an awesome and fun project. Lots of luck with the fundraising!
Yes, it's in our pipeline! Wow, I had no idea we had so many supporters with technical interests. Thanks so much for your feedback. More posts to come this week and next. Some of the background stuff we post primarily on our blog (, but we'll make sure we link to it here, ...more
Reply to:Eileen de FeoEileen de Feo
Thanks! Yes, it was - especially, since I have zero experience making a video.
Hi, yes totally! Sorry if that wasn't clear. Actually, we're putting together both a longer video, as well as a post with the actual "parameters" of the sequencing, and will be releasing those, together with some info on the technology over the course of the next 2-3 weeks. But we know that have ...more
Reply to:Nancy VolleNancy Volle
Hi Nancy, your comment is completely justified. Thank you very much. So, first of all: no, this aspect of the project does not at all encourage cat breeding. In fact, we selected Maine Coons specifically, because other options included breeds where the breeding has led to a traits that really red...more