Kurt Langberg

Kurt Langberg

Charlottesville Open Bio Labs, University of Virginia, United States Army Reserve Medical Corps

Volunteer Lab Manager (C'ville Open Bio Labs), Laboratory Specialist (UVA), 72B-Entomologist (US Army)


Haven't backed any projects yet! 

Sorry this was a late update. My responsibilities with the Reserve have kept me occupied as of late.
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I will take the means of the nighttime data from each night, and the means of the daytime data from each day, plot them against each other and see what it looks like. "Day" for our purposes will be the 12-hour period during which the heat lamp is on, and "night" will conversely be the 12-hour pe...more
I forgot to mention that we collected 332 data points in our first week.
It is also worth noting that all stock cultures are covered with a breathable nylon mesh to prevent insects, debris, or any other particulate contamination get into the stock cultures.