Michael Ferro

Michael Ferro

Clemson, South Carolina

Ph.D. Entomology - Louisiana State University

Collection Manager, CUAC


Published on Apr 10, 2016

Sonoma spp. Poster

Few people have an opportunity to see a poster devoted entirely to the genitalia of a beetle genus, but now you can! Here are the illustrated male genitalia of all 57 species of the beetle genus So...

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Published on Dec 11, 2015

Many thanks!

Well, it looks like this little venture didn't quite take off like I had hoped. Never fear, the paper is nearly done and the species I have on hand will get described and published (hopefully early...

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Published on Dec 03, 2015

The Beast!

Here is the beast, a little brown hairy beetle. It uses it's antennae and palps (the things sticking out of the sides of the front of the face, under the antennae) to feel, herd, ca...

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Published on Nov 30, 2015

Quick Thank You!

Many thanks to all of you that have donated to my little adventure into the unknown. I just got back from the big EntSoc Annual Conference and then Thanksgiving with the family. (Driving back home ...

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Published on May 29, 2014

A visit to the Field Museum in Chicago!

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Published on Nov 02, 2013


It's been a while since the last update.Currently I have a working lucid key based on relatively easycharacters, but it will need more tweaking to accommodate "exceptional"taxa. I'm also making mor...

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Published on Jul 24, 2013

Good News Everyone!

I believe we have met our goal! There are still a couple days left for stragglers to lend their support to the project. As of right now we have 27 backers and there have been over 3200 page views,...

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Published on Jul 23, 2013

Poster 2: Rove Beetles of GSMNP

Hello all, We're in the last stretch of the campaign! I've made another poster for general consumption, this time on the common leaf litter rove beetles in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Man...

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Published on Jul 18, 2013

Almost Halfway!

Many, many thanks to everyone who has donated to the campaign. Right now we have 21 backers and we're almost halfway there. For those new to crowdfunding, crowdfunded projects work just like gran...

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Daniel! I'm the morphology guy on this project. As things progress I'll bring in a couple other people to play with genes. I have a friend who has used cytochrome c oxidase I, 18S ribosomal DNA, 28S ribosomal DNA, and wingless on this tribe (Faronitae). Elmids are great!
Nov 20, 2015
Help name a beetle species (with spectacular genitalia) after Stephen Colbert
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In this case just taken apart. I bought UV LED flashlights from Amazon: "LEDwholesalers 395 nM 51 UV Ultraviolet LED flashlight Blacklight 3 AA, 7202UV395" htttp:// The flashlights are pretty bulky, so I took them apart. The "guts" consist of a thin ring of LEDs, two wires, a switch, and the battery pack. I put magnets on the back of the LED ring and stuck them to the bucket trap. Pretty primitive, but I'm trying to get away from a bulky 12 volt battery. I still don't have the design right, but I'm playing with it. Cheers, Mike
Jul 18, 2013
Lucid Key to Staphylinidae Subfamilies
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