The harvestmen (Opiliones) fauna of the Crasto Ecological Reserve (Sergipe-Brazil)

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A total of 36 randomly sample points  with 300m² will be delimited at the Crasto Ecological Reserve. At each sampling point, the harvestmen will be collected through two techniques: night manual collection and leaf litter sample, in order to sample the greatest possible diversity of harvestmen, since the two techniques are complementary. In each sampling point, one leaf litter sample (1m²) will be taken. Leaf litter samples will be transferred to the mini-Winkler (see BESTELMEYER et al., 2000), where they will remain for 24 hours. The manual night collection will be performed at all sampling points for 30 minutes by two collectors, totaling a sampling effort of 36 hours. Harvestmen will be captured in specific microhabitats, such as tree trunks, tabular roots, fallen logs, rocks, leaf litter and vegetation.

Nocturnal sampling
Nocturnal sampling
Sifting the leaf litter samples

Leaf litter sample


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