Gavin Edwards

Gavin Edwards

Ypsilanti, MI

Eastern Michigan Univeristy

Associate Professor


Published on Aug 03, 2017

Hello friends and backers!

Hello friends and backers!It has been a long time, but I have some good news, our drone and sensor array has been undergoing flight test this week! We have been deploying our DJI Phantom with a sho...

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Published on Dec 07, 2015

Update from EMU Drones and featured video

Season's greetings from EasternMichigan University and the atmospheric chemistry group! We thought it was timewe updated you are to our progress on the drone project. The last few monthshave been b...

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Published on Jul 05, 2015

Thank you, thank you!!

I am please to tell you that our project was full funded! We appreciate all the support and to raise 121% of ask is truly awesome. We are already moving forward with the selection of a drone capabl...

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Published on Jun 09, 2015

A brief history of drones (part 2)

Although the military use of drones still captivates us, there is now a large marketplace for these aircraft in the commercial and business world. Entrepreneurs were quick to see that there were ci...

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Published on Jun 09, 2015

A brief history of drones (part 1)

The word 'drone' can mean different things to different people. Depending on your life experience this word can provoke fear, anger, concern for civil liberties and also thoughts of entertainment a...

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Published on Jun 01, 2015

Why do we need to measure ozone?

Ozone is an atmospheric trace gas found throughout the atmosphere. Most people are familiar with stratospheric ozone. This is dominated by the famous "ozone layer," approximately 6 through 30 miles...

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Published on May 25, 2015

Measurements of Ozone During the Heat Wave of 2012

Here at Eastern Michigan University, undergraduates form the backbone of our research teams. I have been lucky enough to have some great undergraduates working with me over the years and this Lab N...

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Published on May 22, 2015

Measurements of ground level ozone at Eastern Michigan University

In situ measurements of the important atmospheric trace gas ozone have been made here at the EMU campus since the acquisition of a commercial ozone monitor in Fall 2008. This device is manufactured...

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Hi Oscar. Motion is possible still in all three directions up to the 'lid' that is the inversion. You are right about the mountains as any time there is cool air sitting on warm air, there is in effective lid on the airmass. This happens in SLC and also Denver and of course, most famously in LA a...more
Hi Oscar. Thanks for the interest and of course, the pledge! We are happy to have you as a formal backer of the project. Ozone can "settle" as you put it but it is more like being trapped in a bottle by things like the heat island we talked about in the lab note. The hot air cannot go anywhere an...more