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Truly excited for this project, for a number of reasons. Have you come across A DOG IN THE CAVE by Kay Frydenborg? The second half of this book is quite relevant to your work. --As is my dog, a Catahoula Leopard, one of the 'first' American dogs. For some (unknown) reason, my Catahoula is wildly friendly to humans--he tries to catch the eyes of people we pass by, sometimes even in cars stopped at red lights. And he plows happily into any group standing around (which can be alarming if you've never seen a Catahoula!). While he can be aggressive to other dogs, he is fanatically fond of all people. Just FYI. ....(If you need a fine friendly specimen!)
Mar 30, 2018
What genes make domestic dogs friendlier than wolves?
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I'm with you---make these captive animals 'work' for their food and improve their psychological well-being! (Would be even better if we could return them to the wild, however...) Best of luck with this project. Looking forward to updates. LL
Jun 12, 2015
Using high-tech toys to improve foraging in captive rhinos
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