Patrick Frost, PhD

Patrick Frost, PhD

Education: UCLA (BS and PhD), California State University, Long Beach (MS). Fellowships: UCLA and GLA-VAHS. Current: GLA-VAHS Department of Oncology/Hematology

Adjunct Associate Professor


Published on May 05, 2016

Update on our progress using PET/CT

We want to update our supports and backers on our progress that was made possible through your kind donations to our laboratory. We now have the PET/CT up and running and have started to use this ...

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Published on Feb 10, 2016

A special honor

This afternoon, we got this nice note from the editors of Molecular Cancer Research. It is always nice to get published but this is the first time that one of our studies was a special feature in ...

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Published on Feb 02, 2016

Publication/Research Update

I heard from Molecular Cancer Research today. It appears that our manuscript will probably be in the March issue.Also, our PET/CT imaging system arrived last week and we will be setting it up soon...

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Published on Jan 23, 2016

Link to our manuscript

Here is the link to our manuscript in Molecular Cancer Research.

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Published on Jan 15, 2016

Exciting update!

Our research article titled "A DNA-binding molecule targeting the adaptive hypoxic response in multiple myeloma has potent in vivo and in vitro anti-tumor effects" was just accepted for publication...

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Published on Jan 13, 2016

Studying the effects of low O2 on MM cells: HIF expression and gene regulation caused by hypoxia.

This is some interesting new data that will be published in our forthcoming manuscript. We are awaiting final acceptance from the journal, but we wanted to share some of our initial results. This...

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Thank you Mary Ellen, we are pretty excited as well.
Reply to:Tom AlarTom Alar
Thank you. It is always nice to get your results written up and published in a journal. Lots of hard work went into this study and we were pleased that we were able to put it all together.