Saskia Wischnewski

Saskia Wischnewski


University College Cork

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Well done for meeting the target. I really hope you can secure the bonus on top! The project has the potential to be a milestone for seabird conservation and that almost instantly! Finger's crossed!
Aug 08, 2016
Can Hookpods and reusable LED lights reduce albatross deaths and marine pollution?
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Hi Isabeau, this is just to let you know that Adam and Jodie are right now in the field and will reply with details as soon as possible. As far as I know we will deploy the tags with Tesa tape on the tail feathers, which has been done before successfully on the Scottish Isles, but I am sure Jodie will be able to provide more detail as soon as she is back! :-)
Jul 27, 2016
Where does Europe's smallest seabird go at sea?
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