Noll Steinweg

Noll Steinweg


Published on Apr 08, 2015

Thawing out

Hello from the east coast!The vernal pools in Massachusetts are finally coming alive after a cold winter.In the last two weeks we've deployed all ten of our water level loggers to track changes in ...

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Published on Feb 27, 2015


Thanks to all of you backers our project is now 100% funded! We're headed over to Massachusetts in the first week of March to set up monitoring equipment and get familiar with the landscape. Thin...

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Published on Feb 14, 2015

Time to lay eggs!

We found this northwestern salamander egg mass yesterday at a wetland in western Washington. What you're looking at in the photo below are embryos (brown dots) suspended in a firm jelly layer. No...

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Published on Feb 12, 2015

A pile of frogs

A pile of cascades frogs waiting to be weighed and measured!

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Published on Feb 10, 2015

New goal!

Okay folks, we've lowered our goal to $1200 from our initial goal of $3500. Which means we're 73% funded now!What this means for our project: Our project will happen this spring! We have six dep...

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Published on Feb 10, 2015

Monitoring equipment

Over the years, we've used a few different methods to monitor wetland hydrology. We started off with transects of Maxim iButton data loggers at depth intervals in ponds. The iButtons we use track t...

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Published on Feb 09, 2015

A very cold frog

Here's a frog sitting in an ice bath on top of a snow-covered lake. The frog has emerged from under the ice where it spent the winter and it now trying got move around and find a mate. Being cold...

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Published on Feb 08, 2015

Tadpoles vs. fish

Here's a photo of a tadpole we found at a lake with fish. At this lake, the only amphibians we found were in the very shallow water around the perimeter of the lake, hiding out among emergent vege...

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Published on Feb 07, 2015

Depth logging equipment frozen into pond!

In the photo below we're removing monitoring equipment from a pond which froze earlier than we anticipated. Our old monitoring method used 5-8 small temperature tracking devices distributed along ...

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Reply to:Pete TrenhamPete Trenham
That was our question as well! There was one night, after moderate rain, when we found several redback salamanders at different vernal pools miles apart. All were swimming in pools when we found them, often in several feet of water. They were quite adept at swimming, their movement was much m...more
We could hook you up with some temperature logging equipment to make sure your oven is calibrated between batches.
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Totally! Though these might be a little more protein-rich than typical boba.